The Center offers the following services which can help parties manage and resolve their conflicts quickly, at a minimum of expense and with maximum control:

Mediation allows parties to resolve disputes through effective communication, exploration of options, negotiation, and compromise. Up to 80% of litigation costs can be saved by using mediation, even in complicated cases. Parties are able to resolve their problems quickly, confidentially, and economically so both sides win.

Arbitration helps parties who need an authoritative, advisory or final decision by a legal expert. Parties choose the arbitrator and determine the issues to be decided.

Training and Coaching in communication, negotiation, conflict resolution and mediation can help individuals, managers, and employees learn skills to manage change, solve chronic problems, build partnerships, handle sexual and cross-cultural differences, work with difficult personalities, and resolve complaints.

Consultation & Facilitation can prevent future problems from getting out of hand. Working with many different kinds of organizations, CDR helps develop visions, goals, programs, partnerships and teams to solve problems at an affordable price.

Conflict Resolution Systems Design helps target and analyze chronic organizational problems, and design alternative systems and structures to correct these problems. CDR conflict management specialists examine the causes of conflicts, diagnose problems, and design system-wide solutions to prevent their recurrence.